Peer2Peer Cambridge

Peer2Peer Values

Peer2Peer follows a set of basic values to make support accessible and useful.


Peer2Peer conversations are confidential. The only time confidentiality may be widened to a fully trained welfare provider is if we are concerned about someone’s safety, be that of the person seeking support, or of someone else. We will always try to do this with the consent of the person involved.


Peer2Peer supporters listen completely open-­mindedly and impartially. Everyone has opinions and prejudices, but Peer2Peer supporters are encouraged to become aware of their own prejudices and are trained in how to ensure that these do not influence how they offer support.


Peer2Peer supporters aim to be approachable but will not approach people in order to offer help. We will only offer support if it is asked for by the person concerned.

Active Listening

Peer2Peer supporters do not give advice, but help others to think through and clarify their concerns and options for themselves. Peer2Peer supporters do not take responsibility for other people but are bound to act responsibly. This may involve making a referral to another part of the College’s or University's welfare network. This is to ensure the well‐being of the person seeking help as well as that of the Peer2Peer supporter.

"It is very important to have someone to talk to and to be listened by, without being judged."

-Federica Toniolo, Clare College